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Plan your school visit

What's on offer for schools?

You’ve booked your learning visit and you’re ready to get all the benefits of learning outside the classroom. See our tips to make the most of your day. Discover our animal talks and free learning resources!

Before you arrive...

Browse our educational visit resources. Print and bring the ones you’d like use with your group.

Check when the animal talks and feeds are running on the day of your visit. The talks are delivered by our education team — so there’s lots to learn!

When you arrive...

You’ll be greeted by a Learning Officer. They’ll point you where you need to go and answer any questions you have about your visit resources. They'll also arrange a time to meet you later on in the day for a Q&A — a chance for your students to ask questions about what they've seen and learned.

Double check the talk times on the welcome board – they’re sometimes subject to change.

Don't miss! Must see for schools...

Bear Wood

Step back in time to a woodland where brown bears, wolverines, lynxes and wolves still roam. Explore a winding treetop walkway and learn about these amazing animals.

Lemur Walkthrough

Lemurs bound free around you in this unique habitat. Much loved by schools, there’s always a Learning Officer on hand here to tell you about our lemurs.

Red Panda

Meet Nilo, our new red panda. Find him in his new habitat next to the Barefoot Trail and catch the talk at 2.30pm.

Barefoot Trail

Kick off your shoes and socks on the Barefoot Trail - feel the textures of pebbles, bark, mud and more beneath your feet!

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