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Leap of Faith FAQs

What’s the minimum age?

Anyone from the age of 4 upwards can take part. It’s great fun for adults as well as children.

What activities can I do?

£10 gives approximately 40 minutes on the course which includes kit up, unlimited climbing on our climbing challenges, and the Leap of Faith.

£14 gives the giant swing plus 40 minutes on the course which includes kit up, unlimited climbing on our climbing challenges, and the Leap of Faith. This is our most popular package!

Don’t forget that Bristol Zoo Project members’ benefits include a 10% discount.

For larger groups/schools we offer a range of other activities which can be pre-booked.

Is Leap of Faith open for birthday parties?

Yes, we do amazing 5-star* rated parties. We recommend you book the £14 package online (£10 if you do not want the swing). If you book for 10 or more the party yurt is included for 40 minutes afterwards. There is a café on site or you are welcome to bring a party tea/cake.

Please meet the children in the car park so that the party organisers and a friend (ideally up to 4 adults maximum) can bring the group in together. Then arrange for parents to pick the children up 90 minutes later.

If you wish to book for more children than the booking system allows please text/call Chris on 07891 637993 and we will endeavour to accommodate.

* We are 5 rated on Tripadvisor.

Can I accompany my child on the course?

Leap of Faith is a great activity to do as a family. Why not buy tickets for the whole family? Alternatively, you are welcome to watch from viewing points next to the course.

How can I buy my tickets?

All tickets MUST be purchased in advance for a time slot. Please arrive 10 minutes before the start time of your session.

You can use your mobile phone to purchase timed tickets when you are on site. Tickets are subject to availability and advance purchase is recommended to avoid disappointment and to book your preferred time slot.

Does my Leap of Faith ticket include admission to Bristol Zoo Project?

No, if you would like to visit Bristol Zoo Project as well as take part in Leap of Faith, you will need to purchase admission tickets as well.

When should I arrive for my session?

You should arrive for your session 10 minutes before the start time. If you miss your allocated session time, you may not be able to join in the session and would need to purchase another ticket for a later time.

Is there somewhere to store my belongings?

We recommend you do not bring belongings on to the course – leave them at home, in your car or with a member of your group who is not participating in the activity or put them in the box on the course. Leap of Faith cannot accept liability for any items which are lost or damaged.

Harnessing up?

Our highly trained instructors will ensure you have the correct harness and it is fitted correctly and safely. We encourage individuals to fit the harnesses as much as possible themselves, under supervision, before checking them carefully.

Parents can assist children in putting on the harness. A final safety check is always carried out by the instructor.

How busy will it be?

Our pre-booking system ensures safely manageable numbers, staggered throughout the day.

What should I wear?

Trainers or boots are ideal, no open-toed shoes or skirts. No necklaces, dangly earrings or rings on the course.

Do Bristol Zoological Society members need to book?

Yes, members need to book. All tickets MUST be purchased in advance.

What do I do if I can’t remember my membership number?

Please make sure you have the membership numbers for all your group before starting to buy your tickets (taking advantage of the 10% discount).

If you don’t have the membership numbers of those you’re trying to book for, please email us on [email protected]. To help us process your email quicker please send us the full names of all members and the first line of your address. This helps us to find the membership numbers you need.

We are receiving a high number of email enquiries, and are responding to them as quickly as we can. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Other information

Leap of Faith is operating on a completely cashless basis. Tickets for Leap of Faith must be purchased online or if you choose to go on Leap of Faith during a visit to Bristol Zoo Project please go to Visitor Information. We strongly recommend purchasing tickets in advance to ensure you secure your preferred date and time slot.

You are required to show your booking confirmation number before entering Leap of Faith.

Please read the site rules and course rules and follow instructions from the Leap of Faith team to ensure your own safety and the safety of other visitors, staff and volunteers.